“Saying that abortion is morally acceptable implies that miscarriages are no big deal.”

Any moral analysis of abortion should also account for the incredible value and importance of a wanted pregnancy. This seeming contradiction can easily be resolved if we consider that the value of a pregnancy stems from the love and desires of the woman carrying it. In other words, the value of a pregnancy is extrinsic rather than intrinsic. 

A fetus is not the only thing that, when desired, is deeply valuable. Consider a family home. There’s nothing inherently valuable about wood or brick, but it’s still a great tragedy when a family home is lost. That’s because that home means a great deal to people. Pregnancy is further set apart from this because it represents not merely a woman’s desire and love for her family, but an enormous mental and physical sacrifice. A woman quite literally risks her life to create a person who will one day enrich all of ours. It would be difficult for any law to overstate the value of a wanted pregnancy. 

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