Defending Abortion Rights

Shulamith Firestone

A Defense of Abortion

Why the feminist movement should be proudly pro-abortion, not just pro-choice.

Andrea Dworkin

Replying to Pro-Life Objections

Why common anti-abortion arguments don’t hold up, and how you can respond.

Shirley Chisholm

What About Late Term Abortions?

Why the arguments presented here apply to both early and later abortions.

Kate Millett

More Pro-Choice Resources

Organizations, websites, books, and pamphlets that present a pro-abortion perspective.

There have always been those who have stood in the way of our exercising our rights, who tried to restrict our choices. There probably always will be. But we who have been oppressed should not be swayed in our opposition to tyranny, of any kind, especially attempts to take away our reproductive freedom.

we remember – african american women for reproductive freedom

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Are abortion restrictions about controlling women? A response to Nobis

In his blog post “What if it Really is About the Babies? On Anti-Abortion Motivations“, pro-choice philosopher Nathan Nobis critiques the popular feminist sentiment that abortion restrictions are motivated by a desire to control women rather than to save babies. He writes: [Pro-choice people’s] suggestion is that anti-abortion advocates are not┬áreally┬áconcerned about stopping embryos andContinue reading “Are abortion restrictions about controlling women? A response to Nobis”

Modal Potential and Animal Persons: Responses to More Philosophical Pro-Life Objections

A few pro-life readers responded to my earlier post refuting fetal personhood with a couple objections that I felt were important to address. Pro-life Objection: Argument From Modal Personhood This objection hinges on the idea that there is a critical moral difference between the potential of a gamete and the potential of a zygote, evenContinue reading “Modal Potential and Animal Persons: Responses to More Philosophical Pro-Life Objections”


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