Abortion Rights

Responses to common pro-life talking points.

Shulamith Firestone

A Defense of Abortion

Why I’m pro-abortion, and not just pro-choice.

Andrea Dworkin

Replies to Pro-Life Arguments

I’ve summarized and rebutted the most common pro-choice arguments.

Shirley Chisholm

More Resources

More resources and suggestions for abortion activism.

Kate Millett

About Me

A little about me and why I created this site.

There have always been those who have stood in the way of our exercising our rights, who tried to restrict our choices. There probably always will be. But we who have been oppressed should not be swayed in our opposition to tyranny, of any kind, especially attempts to take away our reproductive freedom.

we remember – african american women for reproductive freedom

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I’m not sure how often I’ll update this blog, and I do not plan on going into detail about my personal life on this site. But I plan on using this space to sketch out ideas and respond to anti-feminist talking points. I’d be happy if you joined me!


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